Yantra - The Power of Crystals
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Copyright: 2005
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Minutes: 120
Yantra - The Power of Crystals
      This program contains examples of rare Crystals used in Astrology, Healing and Feng Shui. Included are rare crystal images and figurines, examples of the Nine Celestial stones or "Navaratnas," Pranic healing, Chakra healing, Mantra, Tantra & Yantra healing, Ayurveda - the ancient Indian art of healing and new approaches in developing Crystal tools for use in healing. Demonstrations Include: Crystal Pranic healing. Crystal Chakra healing. Preparation of "Basma" an Auyuvedic medicine that uses crystals as its main ingredients. Subjects Covered Include: How to find your personal crystal & the various techniques used. What they can do for you and what are the limitations. Can they influence your Karma and cause change. Karma, the ultimate equalizer. Use according to Indian Astrology. Do you wear them on your hand, around your neck. Do you mount them in Gold, Silver or Copper? Do they need to be cut and polished to be made more effective? How large should they be. The bigger the stone, more the powers; or is each individual requirement different? Keeping them clean of negativity. Use to bring harmony to your living space. How to charge a crystal. Mantra, Tantra and Yantra, the trilogy of Power-charging. Ayurveda - the ancient Indian art of Healing. Pranic healing and the use of Crystals to heal specific ailments. Chakras, the Power-centers of the Human body. The use of crystals in correcting Chakra problems. New approches in developing Crystal tools for use in healing.
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